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Changing with the times often presents a much more difficult path for some to follow, while there are many who embrace new ideas, technologies and ways of conduct, there are still those who absolutely refuse to get on board with today's modern strategies.


As a journalist of fifteen years working in the field of what was dubbed "New Media", the term "New" is really an archaic description after more than a decade has passed. A more accurate terminology would be "Modern Media" if one is so inclined and feels the need of labeling to begin with. To clarify, for those who are unfamiliar with the lingo, "New Media" refers to the use of reporting the news, reviews and interviews via the internet as opposed to traditional means such as newspapers, magazines, T.V. and radio. In most cases the conflict arises between print publications and internet based media outlets.


In order to paint the proper picture here, I'll address the primary differences between print and internet media. Although blatantly obvious to most, intelligence is fleeting in our world and more often than not it literally takes spelling it out for some individuals to "get it". Newspapers and magazines, in their prime offered a daily, weekly or monthly solution for those looking to keep their ear to the ground and discover all the latest happenings in the world, be it on a local or a global level. Reading is definitely something I tend to encourage, but in today's scheme of things we need not buy a print publication in order to read or discover the world around us. The truth is that the Internet is, in many ways, superior to print. With print you are limited by time, space and reach. With the Internet you can broadcast in real time, you have unlimited space and you can reach...pretty much anyone anywhere in the world. In most cases it is also free! No subscriptions, and you can watch video, listen to audio and find related content; all with the click of a button. This is truly only the beginning, with the inclusion of social media and exchange, readers/viewers can interact with one another and deliver their own thoughts on any particular subject. Print media does not allow for anything close to these attributes and stops at offering feedback from subscribers by printing comments that they mail in. It really is not hard to see the advantage that Internet has over print, so why the continued opposition of "Modern Media" after more than a decade?


Old habits die hard! If there is one thing that the human race has fought from the beginning of time itself is change. We are creatures of habit and very un-embracing of anything new that we cannot understand, control or put to use. We are complacent in our ways. Old ways are more comfortable than new. Old movies, music, cars, styles, customs and traditions are always favored over the new radical movements. We prefer the same item off the menu when we go out to eat and will watch old T.V. shows over the latest craze (let's just face it---some of the shows are BIZARRE!!) pretty much every time. Now, this is not to insinuate an absolute. There are those who openly, and at great discomfort, move with the flow and ultimately come out on top, but for most, the old saying rings true, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"


Don't get me wrong, I have a great amount of respect for print, I remember days of reading newspapers to catch up on current events, and I have a stack of old magazines that I will treasure forever. However. Working in the industry myself I am more than done with the biased attitudes of the dinosaur generation; who remain contrary and biased when it comes to progress. In recent years print publications have nearly become extinct and those that attempt to soldier on are only putting off the inevitable.


It is the dawn of a brave new world in the age of Media technology and in addition to what I've already laid out in this article, there is one more hugely significant difference for Internet Centered Media's superiority, the fact that what Modern Media offers over print is the Voice of the People. No longer are we slaves to the corporate entity. Individuals now have the means by which to share their heart, speak their mind and promote change themselves by the use of personal blog spots, webzines, social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Myspace, just to name a few. The ability to broadcast video over the Internet, thanks to personal cell phones in the hands of society's members has given people a way to express themselves and show the world the truth without being held captive to any biased news outlets such as CNN or Fox News, The New York Times, The Daily News.


In relation to my own position as a music journalist, I continue to push for the future while consistently being slapped down by the powers that be as they insist on their ancient ways of conduct. Not surprisingly, this phenomenon seems to be confined to publicity firms, record labels and geriatric bands. For the most part, up and coming artists or artists who play well in the modern scope of things are more apt to extend an open invitation to my coverage than those musicians that I've spent my years following, supporting and promoting with nothing but admiration in my eyes. This summer, after spending pretty much the past decade indulging in the underground Metal scene, I decided that it would be a nice change of pace to see and report on some of the bigger tours, with even bigger artists, that I'd grown up with. I'd hoped that after more than a decade things had changed with the close-minded mentality of the archaic hordes and their mongrels But after contacting publicity reps for Aerosmith, Slash, KISS, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue, I was deeply saddened to have been turned down by all. I suppose my weakness is that I tend to believe the best in people, nevertheless the saying must be true..."You really can't teach an old dog, new tricks". So sad! Still I will continue to fight the good fight! Embrace the future, the future is now!



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