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Crushing the Deceiver - Feeling the Weight!

There hasn't been a band this popular and devastating come out of Fresno Ca since the glory days of The Crucified but newcomers Crushing the Deceiver are barreling forward with a mission from God to put their hometown back on the Metal map so to speak. 

With their debut self titled release these guys are well on their way to being major contenders in the Christian Metal movement for the 21st century. The bands own blend of Thrash and Metalcore is impressive to say the least. While CTD are working on the follow up to their debut they managed to squeeze in a couple of live  dates on the final days of this years Hasten Revelation Tour alongside Crimson Thorn and Taking the Head of Goliath, one in their hometown and one in Las Vegas NV.


I had an opportunity to chat with my buddy Grant just before they unleashed the beast on stage to discuss the state of the world amid the Corona virus, being the lone Christian in his band, the difference between playing in the Christian and secular markets and what plans are for the immediate future of the band provided we aren't all under an extended lock-down.  Check it out!

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