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Bloodgood - Not Done Yet!

If the truth is to be told, I must admit that I am very much a nostalgic individual. One of the most influential bands in the "Christian Metal" scene and one my all time favorite bands is the legendary Bloodgood. They have always stood out as unique. Back in the day there was a strange phenomena where bands in the Christian realms felt the need to sound almost exactly like secular counterparts and originality was scarce. Bloodgood thankfully never followed this trend and stood strong with their own sound. Subsequently, the band are still going full force in 2019.

Despite the long history of struggles that include criticism of their music, a revolving door of drummers, cancer, the danger of never being able to speak again and the fact that they are all getting up there in years, (Les is 70!) the band forge ahead with nothing but humility and the leading of God's grace.

Sitting down with bassist and band namesake Michael Bloodgood following two nights of awesomeness when the guys performed to amazing shows in Northern CA recently, I was blessed to gain the inside scoop on all that is transpiring in the Bloodgood camp. Find out what the latest is with the guys documentary In The Trenches of Rock, plans for the next album and when are they coming to a town near you. Hold tight Bloodgood has much more to offer. They aren't done yet!

-The Metal Priest    

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