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If there’s one thing I’ve always been interested in when it comes to my musical horizons is discovering new quality artists. Unfortunately, there just isn’t all that much catching my attention these days. However, when I rolled into Las Vegas Nevada this past March to catch the Hasten The Revelation Tour, I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to this amazingly talented group of musicians called My Place Was Taken.

The guys crossed the Mexican border to be a part of the tour and I wasn’t sure what to expect but they certainly piqued my interest when they hit the stage and delivered their particular brand of Mexican Deathcore or as they call it, Matamoroscore, paying both homage to the genre and their home town. With a bottom end that thumps like a bomb dropping and guttural blasts that shake the foundation of all sonic senses they were a showstopper without a doubt.

Following the band’s inspiring performance, I caught up with them for a short chat to discuss the basics, e.g. what’s their ultimate purpose (not what you might think), how they came to be on the tour, how did they arrive at such an off color musical prowess and of course what is their involvement with the Mexican cartels?

-The Metal Priest

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