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Primal - Humachine

Fear Not - Voluntary Madness

IronWrath - Master Storyteller

Les Carlsen - The Jesus Freak Show

Ritual Servant - Lazarus

Brotality - Frost Empire
Klank - Life (Existence is Futile)
Seventh Day Slumber  - Death By Admiration
Testimony of Apocalypse - We All Shall Rise
Flood - Biotech Babylon

Stryper - Blood From Above

Bloodgood - In the Trenches

War of Ages - Miles Apart


Seventh Day Slumber - Alive Again

Teramaze - Fight Or Flight

Narnia - You Are The Air That I Breathe

Narnia - A Crack In The Sky

Crushing The Deceiver - As We Rise

Ritual Servant - Amognst The Wolves

Biogenesis - Black Widow

Diviner - Heaven Falls

Crushing The Deceiver - An Angel's Armor

Impellitteri - Phantom of The Opera

Tourniquet - Gazing At Medusa

Deliverance - The Black Hand

My Place Was Taken - Sociedad Demente

Stryper - The Valley

Narnia - I Still Believe

Michael Sweet - Bizarre

Antidemon - Welcome to Death

Megadeth - Post American World
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