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Abated Mass of Flesh - 

Death Metal Worship!

Having been a fan of the genre for literally decades, and Just when I thought I’d heard the heaviest Metal I would ever hear in my lifetime, I am completely taken aback with the arrival of Abated Mass of Flesh. By far the most extreme Metal I have ever come across. After my initial introduction to their music via their latest E.P. Not Burned, I then was given the immense pleasure of witnessing the band in a live capacity during the Hasten Revelation Tour when it hit its final stop in Las Vegas NV back in March of this year just prior to Covid 19 utterly destroying the live music scene.

I managed to pull the guys (and gal) aside before they took to the stage to discuss the origin of what is arguably one of the most brutally memorable names and their rather favorable sound, where their hearts lie in the scheme of the contrast between their music and their faith and how they are accepted playing both Churches and secular arenas. The answers are surprising to say the least.

Hailing from rural Tennessee, Abated Mass of Flesh are certainly at odds with those in their hometown when it comes to acceptance of their music. Tennessee is not widely known for a prospering Death Metal scene. It is good to see them get out and showcase their talent. Check out the great insight that these young up and commers are adhering to. (Sorry for the band playing in the background, they are good though huh? I believe it is My Place Was Taken whom I interviewed a little later).


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