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CD Reviews


Kalamity Kills - Self-titled

Iron Wrath - Master Story Teller

Deny The Fallen - Echo Chamber

Cultist - Slow Suicide

Wytch Hazel  - IV Sacrament

Randy Rose - The Masquerade

Ritual Servant - Albus Mendacium

The Brave - Gravedigger

Testimony of Apocalypse - 

Fear Not - Fields of Sorrow

Whitecross - Fear No Evil 3 Song Demo

Human Code - Demo 1

Saint - Heaven Fell

The Brave - Evie's Little Garden

Bride - Here is Your God

Abated Mass of Flesh - The Dead Will Never Forgive Us

Trytan - Blood of Kings

Detritus - Myths

Brotality - Worldwide Desolation

Gale Force - Subhuman

Ritual Servant - Metallum Mendacium

Mohler - Death is Defeated


Abated Mass of Flesh - Not Burned

Deliverance - The Subversive Kind

One Bad Pig - Love You To Death

Jupiter VI

My Silent Wake - Damnatio Memoriae

Mortification - Realm of the Skelataur

Wordview - The Chosen Few

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