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Saint - Classic Maybe, Vintage Ok, But Definitely Not Relics!  

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A story I've become all too familiar with. If anyone were to tell the sixteen-year-old me that I'd eventually grow up and be interviewing any of my favorite Metal bands, those iconic influences in my life, let's face it, my heroes, I would have laughed in their faces! 

One of my all-time favorite bands as a kid and to this day is Saint. Surprisingly I've never had the pleasure of interviewing them until now. It took many years for me to even catch their live show but a few years back I managed to see them for the first time with original vocalist Josh Kramer. At the time I wasn't aware that it would be the one and only time seeing Josh as he exited the band shortly after that show. Enter Dave Nelson, the band's new frontman. This is never an easy transition and in many cases presents the death of the band. Occasionally, the new guy is so amazing an entirely new fanbase is gained as in such cases as Van Halen, Accept, Guardian, and Saint.


The band has more or less reinvented themselves these days. Bassist Richard Lynch is the only original member left, and the classic sound of their early Judas Priest influenced years has evolved into their own style. In 2023 they are on a severe hot streak having released two amazing albums with the current lineup and a third on the way. 


I recently was blessed to catch up with Richard at this year's Immortal Fest 2023 to talk about the latest happenings with the band their longevity, why they never changed their name, as well as what fans have thought about the new and improved Saint. Call them classic, call them vintage but never call them relics! Saint are as relevant today as they ever have been.   


(Sorry for the camera going in and out of focus, not sure why)

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