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Veronica Freeman, otherwise known as "The V" is by far one of my favorite vocalists in Metal. Her passion, aggression and painstakingly brutal approach to her art is something few aspire to, though they should. She is ridiculously busy and I often wonder how she manages to do it all.


She has been a friend for many years now and I extend certain courtesies to her that I normally don't to others and vise versa. That being said, it's taken more than a year to actually get this interview completed. The best laid plans of mice and men aside, this was not the original plan and there was and is to be more. Cryptic I know but it's way to complicated to go into. Just know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. 


The following conversation is one of the most in depth and lengthy talks I've ever had with an artist and a friend. It is steeped in personal revelation and an open heart, sometimes bleeding with pent up emotion. Veronica is a class act through and through and I can't help but be biased in my opinion of her and her talents. She deserves the absolute best in every way shape and form.


Listen in as she discusses her first solo offering, her legacy with Benedictum, her many endeavors into thinking outside the box and some of her deepest, darkest and most personal occurrences and insights. 

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