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Resurrection Kings





As it stands , the powers that be over at Frontiers Records are well recognized for putting together superstar collaborations such as Sweet & Lynch, Nordic Union, Kiske/Somerville and many others. One of the more recent introductions is the new album by Resurrection Kings which consists of former Dio/Giuffria guitarist Craig Goldy, veteran Dio/Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, bassist Sean McNabb (Great White, Dokken) and vocalist Chas West (Bonham).


The self titled album can best be described as an ode to 80's arena rock icons such as Whitesnake, Journey, or Foreigner but with a whole lot more guts. The music contained therein is a solid delivery of material that encapsulates all that the golden age of rock had to offer while adding the production and poise of today's standards.


The first song "Distant Prayer" cuts rather deep and inevitably sets the stage for what will follow. I've always loved the stylistic texturing that Craig Goldy displays in his playing, not the typical riffing that too often is the norm for many of Metal's clichéd mentality. Goldy is superb at leading you on a path of enlightenment with his skills. Check out what in my opinion are the crowning achievements of the album, "Fallin' For You" and the equally astonishing "Who Do You Run To." Fans of the almighty power ballad will certainly approve of "Never Say Goodbye," while the bluesy rock anticipation of most fans will be drawn to songs like "Livin' Out Loud," and "Path of Love."


Vocalist Chas West maintains an incredible set of pipes as is evidenced throughout the CD. It just feels so damn good to hear someone actually singing and using their voice in a manner worthy of praise as compared to the hoard of death growlers who make up a dominant majority in today's Metal scene. Additional noteworthy mentions on this CD include the soaring "Had Enough," and the very groove oriented "Silent Wonder."


Truth be told there is not one bad cut on the entire album and it fills a much needed void within the modern rock forum. God please let there be subsequent releases from this stellar new musical venture.


-The Metal Priest    

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