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When Craig Goldy rejoined Dio for the 2000 album Magica I was more than overjoyed that my favorite guitarist was back in the fold. I'd been a fan of the Dream Evil album since its release and have always claimed it to be my favorite of Ronnie's career. I then took it upon myself to follow RJD to every show I could and was privelaged to have spoken with him on a personal level on many occasions as well as interview him on a professional level. He never disapointed.


During that time I also got to know Craig and had an equal amount of time conversing with him about music, faith, life, and everything under the sun. As life takes us all down different paths, I lost touch with him when Ronnie rejoined Sabbath aka Heven & Hell and then his untimely passing.


You can imagine my surprise when the opportunity came to speak with Craig about his many different musical fronts and most recently his inclusion in the newly found Resurrection Kings. The interview went fantastic and it was great speking with my friend once again. Unfortunately, technology failed me and the conversation was not recorded. Craig, being the awesome person he is made room in his busy schedule for a re-do and thus we are able to give some great insight to this amazing band and extremely heart-felt man of musical passion and poise. Listen in below!

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