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Let's face it, Tommy Victor, for all intents and purpose is Prong and is a true soldier within the ranks of Heavy Metal. He has managed to maintain a strong presence in the industry for decades and shows absolutely no signs of defeat anytime in the not too distant future.


In what is most likely one of the best interviews I've ever had the privilege of being a part of, Tommy opened up about the not so glorious side of the life of Prong and being a musician in today's day and age in general. While some may see his longevity in the business as a blessing he told me that's not exactly the word he'd use to describe it.


Covering topics that range from avoiding phone calls from Glenn Danzig to the philosophical thought of the band's latest album X-No Absolutes, the power of three and just how cool Lemmy Kilmister was as one of the most badass musicians to ever grace the stage are just a few things covered in the following conversation.




-The Metal Priest

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