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Primal Fear





German Power Metal masters Primal Fear have unleashed the newest chapter in their overly impressive career. Keeping alive the true spirit of Metal, the aptly titled Rulebreaker spells out another success story for these veterans of  rock rebellion.  While there are those who are sure to call out the fact that there are no real surprises offered here, I would be equally quick to point out that most Metal fans are not concerned with experimentation or originality as long as the band stays true to who they are as artists and this latest indoctrination of the supreme Metal talent is right art home with anything the band have conceived prior.


Massive riffing, ultra melodic guitar leads and soaring vocals give exactly the right formula one would hope to hear from Primal Fear and they do not disappoint. Getting things right out the gate, the band m get the blood flowing with "Angels of Mercy", followed by the album's first single and lightening charged groove monster, "The End Is Near". The title track here is a bit more laid back with a medium paced assault of the senses and gives a solid feeling of rock euphoria. The driving bass line that Mr. Mat Sinner lays down in stupefying splendor is the core of this song and allows it to be one of the most memorable cuts on the album. Primal Fear have always been consistent in delivering at least one anthem per album to celebrate their love and passion of the art of Metal, so the inclusion of "In Metal We Trust" is par for the course. The epic opus of the album comes via the divinely crafted "We Walk Without Fear". I absolutely love these mammoth endeavors that the guys include on their albums. This emotionally energized modus operandi never ceases to amaze! "The Devil In Me" is another slower paced rocker that just hangs balls out and sends a mean attitude of metallic bliss.  Perhaps the one track that might seem a little out of place is the rather un-typical ballad of "The Sky Is Burning" but the guys are certainly able to own this song and make it one of the primary reasons for picking this album up.


Primal Fear are a true force of Metal to be reckoned with and I never grow tired of their sensibilities. The return of original guitarist and band founder Tom Naumann to the bands line up alongside fellow axe slingers  Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson make Rulebreaker the first album of 2016 to be thoroughly excited about. The enigmatic vocal asset of frontman Ralf Scheepers and new drummer Francesco Jovino round the armada and I can't wait to hear this stuff live!


-The Metal Priest

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