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I'm not sure what it is about German's and Metal but they certainly seem to have an uperhand on things for sure. With such iconic bands like the Scorpions, Accept, Kreator, Primal Fear and of course the mighty Power Metal warriors, Helloween, that have been spawned from the country , one can't help but believe a higer power is at work.


Thus the band's God Given Right to melt faces with their astonishing talents is right on par. Speaking with bassist Markus Grosskopf about the bands latest masterpiece, I think that he is correct in saying that this album carries the spirit of the 80's in both writing and production.


Alway's the band with a quirky sense of humor, he graciously clued me in on some of the finer points of certain songs as well.


Liten in and learn what keeps these guys at the pinacle of success.



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