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It seems as though all I speak to these days are German Metal bands and that's alright when they are all the caliber of legends such as Grave Digger who I've waitd what seems like a lifetime to see live. Interestinly enough, the band whose career spans 30+ years just played their first ever U.S. tour!


I was not going to miss such a great opportunity and so I found myself in awe watching the band play to their greatest ability at a nice little venue in Anaheim CA known as the Grove. They were beyond amazing and had the audience eating up every moment.


Before they left the country I was able to score some chat time with frontman Chris Boltendahl to discuss this epic undertaking, the response they have garnered, the escape from the worlds problems in music (as he is definitly not one to discuss politics or the negative aspects of today's society) and what the future holds for these seasoned Metal vets. 


-Listen in below!

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