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The Storm Within


Sweden's soulfully tinged progressive Metal outfit know as Evergrey have returned with their tenth studio offering, The Storm Within. As always the soulful blending of vocalist/guitarist Tom S. Englund's vocal approach alongside he and fellow guitarist Henrik Danhage's tag team guitar riff structure is what defines the Evergrey sound and it is heard and felt most effectively across the spectrum of this latest endeavor.  This musical phenomenon is what ultimately sets Evergrey apart from any of their Metal counterparts and if the truth be told, finds them in a category all their own.  

Musically, there are certainly heavy moments found on The Storm Within but most of the tunes tend to be medium paced with an overdose of melancholic emotional acuity that serves as a different type of heaviness altogether. This captivates me in a way that other albums do not. I've always found Evergrey to be a band that stands apart from the legions of stereotypical Metal acts around the world.

The first single and video from the album is the opening track "Distance" which immediately draws the listener into the breath taking beauty of the songs passion and the accompanying cinematic brilliance courtesy of acclaimed video director Patric Ullaeus. One surprise addition is the guest vocal appearance of Nightwish singer Floor Jansen on the track "In Orbit" which is a striking duet that sets rather well amid the scheme of the overall feel of the album. There is a finesse found here that is of profound significance. A video for the song would surely be in order. For those who are hoping for something a bit heavier, the aggressive "My Allied Ocean" is just what the Doctor ordered. Another stand out cut is  "The Paradox Of The Flame," which features Englund's wife Carina once again contributing her talents as she has done on every album since the band's inception.


As with every Evergrey release, the lyrics are steeped in the personal life of Englund in some fashion and depict a sadness. This time around the focus is centered on those who have had to deal with the loss of a close loved one and their ability or sometimes in ability to move on.

Two decades into their career and Evergrey have managed to stay the course, once again proving that their music remains and integral part of today's modern Metal landscape. This is true artistry and Evergrey should be praised for their long lasting commitment to excellence.

- The Metal Priest

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