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Destruction, Krisiun, Exmortus @ The Whisky 3.30.14

 It's not very often that one is allowed to witness a legend at work, but when I heard about Germany's Thrash Metal veterans Destruction coming to U.S. shores, I jumped at the prospect of seeing them do what they do best, i.e. reducing the audience to ash with their remorseless dominance of Teutonic Thrash devastation! This time around lightning struck at the world famous Whisky A Go-Go and support was rendered by Brazilian Death Metaller's Krisiun and So. Cal. favorites Exmortus.


The young breed of Whittier, California's Neo-classical thrashers Exmortus were in peak condition once again this evening and with the house filled to capacity it was quite an inferno for all those in attendance, believe me. Slamming hard and heavy with super velocity as their speed, the band ripped through their short, but sweet set, leaving nothing in their wake. Favorites of the night included "Slave to the Sword", "Rising" and, of course, their trademark instrumental cover of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". This was the perfect beginning to a night of metallic madness!


I'm not sure exactly why I've never seen this band live before as they have been around for a while but this was, in fact, my first time ever seeing Brazil's obliterating demonic export known as Krisiun. The presentation from this unholy death power trio succeeded in conveying a brutal assault of the senses and sending the crowd into a convulsing and vicious pit of inescapable doom. Now I believe that I have a pretty open mind when it comes to Metal and the sea of its varying styles, and Krisiun were definitely in full control of all their faculties this night. However, being they are from Brazil, I somewhat expected them to have a slightly different sound than your average everyday Death metal occurrence. They nevertheless seemed to be pretty straight-forward in their practice and maybe it's that I just didn't hear it, but I didn't pick up on anything overtly unique about their sound. They definitely look the part though, with their long hair, battle ready guitar stances and dark persona. In essence, they hold their own, as was evidenced by the fans who embraced them with as much admiration as you could expect and they managed to keep the evening soaring right into the main event.


The world is a much larger place than most realize and for many we are limited in our understanding of culture. The 80's bay area Thrash scene was not fully indigenous to that area, contrary to what many may believe. At the very same time it began to take shape in the states, there was another faction of extreme music rising up in Germany. Destruction are one of the early pioneering bands of the Teutonic Thrash movement and over the years have retained a presence within the Metal monarchy. Their carnage is traverse in the annals of the movement and they are unmistakably proficient in their forge toward intense fucking music. One might think that we'd all been transported back in time to the 80's as the energy of the crowd was completely off the scale. The band's set consisted of material drawn from every era of their lengthy career and as the night rolled on, I wasn't sure that the crowd's appetite would ever be satisfied. Everyone thoroughly drenched in sweat, with an adrenaline-driven hunger and an insatiable lust for belligerence, it's a wonder anyone got out alive! Highlights of the performance included: "Total Disaster", "Life Without Sense", "Nailed to the Cross" and for their encore, "Curse of the Gods" and "Invincible Force".


What a great finish to an amazing night of true Metal! I am ecstatically happy to have been in attendance for this momentous occasion. Until the next time, Cheers!



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