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Scary Creatures



2016 starts with a resounding explosion of monumental Metal proportions as the German Power Metal scene is made known to be alive in well in the New Year. The second album that I have the pleasure of reviewing this year comes from yet another of Germany's legacy laden magistrates. Brainstorm, the very non-typical German Power Metal band have returned with another compelling presentation of brilliance that is sure to be a pinnacle of inspiration for Metal aficionados everywhere.


Scary Creatures is the name of this accomplished endeavor and as it penetrates and rattles my skull at +10 I can't help but feel overwhelmed by its sonic meltdown. "The World We See" is the amply capable opening track of the album and is an instant winner with the slamming power and aggression put forth by the extreme talents of guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld and the instantly identifiable intensity of vocalist Andy B. Franck. The album  has a number of praise worthy elements and no filler which seems to be hard to achieve these days in the modern scope of musicality "Where Angels Dream" is one stand out addition that simply portrays the elegance of the bands artistry, while the title cut, "Scary Creatures" is a delightfully original composition that gives credence to an off tempo craftiness. Not calling it an ode to alternative music or anything but it hits a spot that cause me to hear in a different perspective, not something I'm very accustomed to.


The respect that 2014's Firesoul garnered the band is prevalent here as well and maybe just a tad more defined. "Caressed By The Blackness" is another song that instills in the listener the seriousness of this bands agenda and espouses their quarry to separate themselves from the imprudence of many of their German Metal contemporaries. "Take Me To The Never" is probably one of the heaviest portions contained on Scary Creatures and solidifies the Metal mentality of the bands purpose.    


The album is scheduled to hit stores on February 5th via AFM Records and will also contain a bonus disc with a live DVD that was shot in 2014 at a show from Essen (Germany) - where the band performed the entire “Firesoul” album plus their biggest hits. Firesoul was to date the bands highest charting album in Germany but is likely to be overshadowed by Scary Creatures. After eleven studio albums U.S. fans are and most importantly this fan is hopeful that the band will finally be given the opportunity to tour the states.


-The Metal Priest      

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