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Germany has always been a hot spot for spawning a considerable portion of the worlds most profound Metal bands, many of which are still in existence today. Of those magnificent contributions, veteran Metal mongers Brainstorm are one such band whose music we have been gloriously  gifted to have for nearly two decades now. Mind you these guys are anything but a typical German Power Metal band an have spent their career proving themselves over and over again to be more than average.


The guys are set to relase their new album Scary Creatures on February 5th here in the U.S.  The album marks their eleventh studio release and is most assuredly a notch up from all previous endeavors. Not surprising in the least as Brainstorm are a well oiled machine.


I recently had the divine pleasure of speaking with founding guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld about their latest masterpiece, what exactly sets them apart from their Germa peers, the state of fear the world is in and why after eleven albums they still have yet to tour the U.S.


Check out the conversation below.

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